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Boutique Suites Worcester

Located in the heart of historic Worcester, Boutique Suites Worcester are apartments for rent to visitors, holiday-makers, tourists and business people.  When the owners purchased them in 2018, both suites required complete refurbishment but also an update on their security and access systems.

It is imperative for guests booking the suites to have the reassurance that the rooms are easy to access and safe and secure at all times. And for the owners of Boutique Suites, the solution needed to be practical as the style and location of the accommodation means it requires a quick turnaround to be able to keep the Suites secure for guests at all times.

Previously, access security was via a coded box for which guests were given a code.  Boutique Suites Worcester invited Fire Safe Services ltd to provide and install a more sophisticated and current electronic solution to release the external doors and a key code for the internal doors. Each guest is given a new, unique code which is text to their mobile phone just prior to arrival.  This releases the access door to the building.  This individual code can be changed remotely and as often as needed by the management of Boutique Suites.

In addition, Fire Safe Services Ltd advised on current legislation for this type of property on smoke detection and installed a smoke detection system for Boutique Suites, especially important given that the accommodation is in part in a building of 8 tenanted flats.

“Fire Safe Services provided a comprehensive access security solution which works perfectly for the needs of the Boutique Suites’ business.  The accommodation is protected in terms of security for both guests and us, as well as providing the necessary fire & security.  Fire Safe Services’ advice demonstrated a full understanding of our business needs and those of our guests and they recommended appropriate solutions which they expertly installed.”  Boutique Suites’ management.

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