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We are proud to be a leading UK based supplier of fire and security systems with one aim in mind; to make good old-fashioned customer service our forte


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What We Do

We have many years of experience in the provision of fire suppression, detection systems, security alarms, CCTV and monitoring services to all sectors throughout the UK.

We have a highly dedicated team of installation and servicing engineers who work closely with all our clients, who themselves are derived from a wide range of commercial and public sectors, to provide a first-class service to businesses in Bromsgrove and Birmingham.

Our business is unique, in that we have two departments, working side by side to ensure that we can offer our customers the best level of service possible.

Fire detection and alarm systems.

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Fire Services

We offer a complete range of fire safety equipment and services ensuring maximum fire protection for your staff and premises.

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Security Services

We provide a range of security services and equipment that cover the key principles of premises security making Fire Safe Security Ltd the front line in the defence for your premises.

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Why Work With Us

At Fire Safe Services Ltd, we are committed to ensuring the utmost safety and protection for your premises. Here’s why partnering with us is the best decision for your fire safety needs.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Solutions

We offer a full range of fire safety services, including fire risk assessments, fire safety inspections, and emergency evacuation plans to ensure your property is well-protected.

State-of-the-Art Fire Protection Equipment

Our inventory includes the latest in fire protection technology, from advanced fire alarm systems to reliable fire extinguishers and efficient fire sprinkler systems.

Expert Fire Safety Consultancy

Our experienced team provides top-notch fire safety consultancy, helping you navigate fire code compliance and implement robust fire safety management strategies tailored to your needs.

Customised Fire Suppression Systems

We design and install fire suppression systems that are customised to meet the unique requirements of your facility, providing optimal protection against potential fire hazards.

Dedicated Fire Safety Training

Our comprehensive fire safety training programmes ensure that your staff are well-prepared to handle fire emergencies, enhancing overall safety and preparedness.

Proven Track Record

With a solid reputation and years of experience, Fire Safe Services Ltd has become a trusted name in fire protection services. Our clients rely on our expertise to keep their properties and occupants safe.

Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of fire safety engineering, ensuring that every project we undertake meets stringent safety criteria and provides peace of mind to our clients.

A Nationwide Service

Fire Safe Services Ltd offer nationwide fire and security solutions.

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