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Emergency Voice Communication Systems

At Fire Safe Services, we understand the critical importance of inclusive emergency procedures, especially for individuals who may find it challenging to evacuate buildings swiftly due to mobility issues. Our Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS), also known as fire refuge systems, are designed to provide a lifeline for those in need during emergencies.

The Essence of EVCS

The EVCS is a specialised communication tool that plays a pivotal role during emergencies, particularly for individuals who cannot use stairs to evacuate. These systems are strategically installed in key locations such as stairways, basement access points, and even outside buildings if necessary, to facilitate direct communication between individuals in refuge areas and the building’s emergency control point or reception.

Key Features and Installation Points

Typically positioned in the safest parts of a building, such as stairway landings and basement access points, EVCS units ensure that anyone awaiting assistance is in a secure location. The choice of these locations is deliberate, providing those in refuge with a means to communicate their presence and need for evacuation to emergency responders.

Compliance and Retrofitting

With the evolving landscape of building safety regulations, new constructions are mandated to incorporate EVCS to ensure no one is left behind in times of crisis. However, the versatility of these systems allows for them to be seamlessly integrated into existing structures, offering enhanced safety measures for buildings of any age and design.

Applications Across Various Sectors

The necessity for EVCS transcends various environments – from bustling office blocks and educational institutions to healthcare facilities. Any building that presents challenges to evacuation, be it due to stairs, basements, or complex layouts, benefits immensely from the installation of an EVCS.

Why Choose Fire Safe Services for Your EVCS Needs

Expert Installation

  • Our team specialises in the precise installation of EVCS, ensuring they are optimally located for ease of access and maximum coverage.

Customised Solutions

  • Understanding that each building is unique, we offer tailored EVCS solutions that align with the specific safety requirements and architectural nuances of your premises.

Comprehensive Support

From initial consultation to post-installation maintenance, our commitment to your safety is unwavering. We provide ongoing support to ensure your EVCS remains functional and reliable at all times.

Regulatory Compliance

With a deep understanding of safety regulations, we ensure your EVCS installation is fully compliant, providing peace of mind and safeguarding against legal implications.

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In choosing Fire Safe Services for your EVCS installation, you’re not just complying with safety standards; you’re making a profound commitment to the well-being of every individual within your premises. Our dedication to delivering state-of-the-art emergency communication systems ensures that in times of need, no one is left unheard.

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